ITZY Drop Spoiler Song on ‘IT’z ICY' Mini Album
ITZY gave a spoiler of track that include in the mini album ‘IT’z ICY’. After released on V Live at 00.00 midnight, at 12.00 Saturday (07/27) JYP Entertainment finally uploaded the spoiler album video on Youtube channel.

In this video album spoiler, fans can listen to pieces from the five songs on the mini album ‘IT’z ICY’. As mentioned earlier, the songs to be included in the 'IT'z ICY' mini album are the main songs 'ICY', then 'Cherry' and 'IT'z Summer', as well as a remixed version of the song 'DALLA DALLA' and 'Want It?'.

The 'ICY' music video is planned to be released on Monday, July 29, at 00.00 midnight. While the new mini album will be released at 18.00 South Korea time on the same day. (

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