Ask for Termination of Contract, Korean Netizen Call Lai Kuanlin a Betrayer
Lai Kuanlin's decision to approve his contract with Cube Entertainment raises controversy among Korean netizens. As reported yesterday, Lai Kuanlin has sent an approved letter to transfer his contract with Cube Entertainment through a permit approved by Cube.

Responding to the request, Cube Entertainment said that they had no problems with Lai Kuanlin and planned to take legal action against him.

In response to the news, many Korean netizens made critical comments on Lai Kuanlin. Netizens have even denied being Chinese idols who oppose contracts with agencies in Korea.

Like their comments on the Nate site:

"When they are beginners, they want to do everything they can to debut. If they fail, the agency will suffer losses. But if they succeed, they will terminate the contract with the agency"

"Children today are extraordinary when it comes to betrayal,"

"So he is Chinese. Even if Cube is indeed a problem, why do other artists stay at the agency? This is because I hate Japanese and Chinese people who debut in our country, "

"This is because I never voted for idols from China. They are good at stabbing in the back like this. They will become superstars before returning to China, then stab us and then run away. Every Chinese idol who debuts in Korea will definitely return to his country. Never vote again for them, "

"Chinese people are truly extraordinary. They came here just by turning around, knew nothing but basic movements and then fled if they were well known, "and there were many other criticisms. (
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