Sulli's Reaction When Reading Negative Comments About Her on the 'Night of Hate Comments' Program
How about Sulli's reaction when reading negative comments directed at her? Ahead of the screening, JTBC's latest program entitled 'Night of Hate Comments' has provided footage of the first episode.

The 'Night of Hate Comments' program was hosted by four MCs consisting of Sulli, Shin Dong Yup, Kim Sook and Kim Jong Min. In addition, the program will also present other celebrity guests in each episode.

On the teaser that has been released, we will see the reaction of the four MC members when reading bad comments about themselves.

One comment then alludes to Sulli who has never used a bra. Sulli immediately answered the question without hesitation and was full of confidence in front of the camera, but the answer was censored and only known after the program was aired.

The 'Night of Hate Comments' program is scheduled to be aired on JTBC on June 21. You can watch the teaser below! (

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