Dare to Says About YG Entertainment, Han Seo Hee Reap Praise from Korean Netizens
Han Seo Hee received a lot of praise from South Korean netizens after she revealed the secrets of YG Entertainment. Previously Han Seo Hee reported on YG Entertainment on charges of forcing and threatening her.

Based on the report, Yang Hyun Suk had forced her to change her evidences regarding to B.I drug case at the police station in 2016.  After the report, B.I finally decided to leave iKON and Yang Hyun Suk resigned from YG Entertainment.

After reading Han Seo Hee's post on Instagram, many of the Korean netizens praised her courage in revealing the case. Like the comments of Korean netizens on the Nate site:

"Han Seo Hee is right, we must focus on Yang Hyun Suk and his threats, and YG's relationship with the police,"

"I think there are times when she can do the right thing,"

"Han Seo Hee has done the right thing. And she has also been sentenced for her own actions. So it's time for us to focus on YG Entertainment,"

"Imagine how strong she had been holding herself for years not to expose all this,"

"She is right, we must stay focused on YG. I can predict the destruction of YG agency. Please boycott all the drama, variety and music of their artists,"
and various other support comments. (www.onkpop.com)
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