Police Secure The CCTV For Park Yoochun and Hwang Hana Cases
Police are said to have secured CCTV evidence for a case that was befalling Park Yoochun and Hwang Hana. Previously, South Korean media reported that police had found a large amount of evidence, indicating that Park Yoochun was also using drugs.

In fact, in a previous press conference, Park Yoochun denied that he was involved in drug use cases with Hwang Hana, who was his ex-girlfriend.

Now based on the latest report, the police have secured CCTV evidence that shows Park Yoochun often visits Hwang Hana's home located in Gangnam, when they have broken up.

In addition, the police also issued a ban on Park Yoochun to go abroad. (www.onkpop.com)
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