Some Indonesian Fans Give Support to Seungri, Here is a Comment by Korean Netizens
Indonesian fan actions that gave support to Seungri were the spotlight of Korean netizens. On March 18th, VIPs or Big Bang fans gathered at Livespace Lot 8 - SCBD, the location that was supposed to be the place for Seungri's fan meeting.

Previously, Seungri planned to hold his last fan meeting in Indonesia before entering military service. But after being caught in a case in Korea, Seungri immediately canceled the fan meeting event.

A photo showing Indonesian fans while giving support to Seungri immediately became news in South Korea. Seeing the photo, Korean netizens immediately gave their criticisms.

Like the comments seen on the Naver site:

"Apparently these people also have no brains,"

"Many Indonesians also have no brains. Be aware, what Seungri did was worse than Jung Joon Young,"

"I know how you support the idols that you like. But you should not support idols who have done wrong,"

"Apparently this is the level of people in Indonesia. They are suitable people to be raped, hahaha, "

"Seungri is better if you go to Indonesia. The women support you to open a prostitution business, hahaha,"
and various other critical comments. (

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