Korean Netizens' Reaction After Watching ITZY's Debut MV
What is Korean netizens react after watching ITZY debut music video? As fans know, in the early hours of Monday (11/02) the girl group rookie from JYP Entertainment debuted with the music video ‘DALLA DALLA.

The debut of ITZY attracted the attention of many K-Pop fans, because they are the next girl group that JYP Entertainment debuted after TWICE. But unlike TWICE, ITZY carries the girl crush concept with a more funky visual display.

After watching the music video, ITZY immediately reaped many compliments from Korean netizens. Like the comments seen on theqoo site,

"I think the part that appears on the teaser is the best part of the song 'DALLA DALLA' "

"The song is really very good. I like it very much, hahaha"

"The song is better than I expected"

"I feel that they have charms like 2NE1"

"Yeji is really very beautiful"

"The song really isn't like JYP, and it's really shocking"

"I have a feeling that they will be a big success"

"The song is much better than what sounds on the teaser and Yeji is very beautiful"
and there are many other complimenting comments.

Do you agree with the comments of the Korean netizens above about the ITZY debut music video? (www.onkpop.com)
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