This Was The Reason Irene Exchanged Choreography With Jennie
Red Velvet's Irene revealed the reason why she exchanged her choreography with Jennie. Fans must have known that some time ago Irene and Jennie had exchanged choreography on stage.

Irene performed the choreography of 'SOLO' Jennie when she performed the song 'Really Bad Boy', while Jennie performed Irene's choreography on 'Really Bad Boy' song when displaying 'SOLO'.

When attending SBS LoveFM's ‘Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School radio program, Irene was asked by Kim Chang Ryul,"It had become the hottest topic when you exchanged choreography with Jennie Black Pink. Why did it happen?"

Irene then explained, "Jennie first said that she wanted to learn our choreography. When I asked why she had to learn it, she said she would bring it to the beginning of the song 'SOLO' when she had to do a freestyle, so I taught her. "

"I also have a freestyle section in the middle of the song, so I said that I would also bring Jennie's choreography, so I also studied the choreography," said the Red Velvet member.

You can look back at the exchange of choreography performed by Irene and Jennie through the following video! (

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