Taeyeon Tells Her Condition After The Incident During Concert in Philippines
SNSD's Taeyeon informed her condition to fans after experiencing an incident in the Philippines. The incident occurred when Taeyeon held a solo concert in Philippines on December 14 yesterday.

At that Taeyeon's head hit a piece of equipment on the stage that descended from above. Although she had seen pain, Taeyeon continued her appearance to make fans able to breathe freely.

But in the latest upload on her Instagram account, Taeyeon explained, "I'm sorry that I can't stay until the end and say goodbye. I don't know. But because it happened very briefly, people might think it was not a big problem, but right now more than everything, my body and my heart hurt so much."

"There are a lot of problems that occur at this concert. There are a lot of things happening and that makes me emotionally tired. I especially feel very guilty for fans in Manila, and I want everyone to know what really happened at this concert," she wrote. (www.onkpop.com)

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