San E Accuses SBS of Reporting Fake News about His Problem
The repper San E has recently become a hot conversation among South Korean people. The controversy began when San E released a song called "Feminist", which offended feminists in South Korea.

The song immediately triggered a controversy that caused pros and cons among the people of South Korea. San E even got satire from celebrities and rapper who deliberately released the song "diss track" for him.

On the other hand, San E gets a lot of support from South Korean people, especially those from men. That makes San E often accused of being a misogynist, as people who hate women or girls.

After becoming news everywhere, San E then uploaded the latest videos through his Youtube channel. The video is titled ‘SBS Slandering San E As Misogynist ... Stop Scapegoating People. '

In the video San E accused SBS of deliberately slandering himself as a misogynist. According to him, SBS has edited several videos so that it looks as if he looks like a misogynist rapper.

San E also explained that those who were victims of actual sexual abuse were themselves. He said that he was a victim of assault, sexual harassment, during a concert.

When attending the '2018 Brand New Year' concert on December 2, San E did get blasphemy from the audience when he got on stage. Feeling upset, San E then threw his harsh words at the audience.

Regarding the incident, Brand New Music agency and Rhymer CEO delivered their apologies. (

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