Is This The Reason Why YG Entertainment's Song Always Topped The Korean Music Chart?
It is undeniable that YG Entertainment artists often rank on the music charts in South Korea. Started by iKON at the beginning of 2018 which managed to master the music chart for a long time with the song 'Love Scenario'.

Then followed by other YG Entertainment artists, including Big Bang, WINNER, Black Pink, Jennie, until the most recent is Mino with the solo song 'FIANCÉ'.

South Korean netizens then discussed the phenomenon and the reason why songs from YG Entertainment artists always get a good reception, despite the controversies involving this YG Entertainment artist.

Like the comments of Korean netizens seen on the Pann website,

"Many people don't filter songs from YG Entertainment artists and always listen to them,"

"YG artists rarely comeback, but their songs are always good,"

"YG music can always be trusted,"

"I don't like YG artists but I like their songs,"

"YG is indeed the agency that always releases the best music,"
and various other comments.

Do you also agree with the comments of Korean netizens above? (
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