BTS Reach 44.9 Billion USD from World Concert Tours
Bangtan Boys reportedly managed to get more than 44.9 billion US Dollars from their world concert tour. Based on the results of analysis published by Yuanta Securities, Bangtan Boys is estimated to get around 44.9 billion US dollars from world concert tours this year.

The success of Bangtan Boys in North America and Europe was the key to the success of their concert tour. As Park Sung Ho from Yuanta Securities said,

"It's very difficult to get a successful concert tour in North America, so not all K-Pop artists can do it."

"In addition to Japan, North America and Europe are markets that can provide big profits if they are successful there. So far, there have been many successful K-Pop artists in Japan, but only a few can enter the North American and European markets,"
he said. (
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