Black Pink's Jennie Stage Costume Is Directly Selected By Yang Hyun Suk?
Black Pink's Jennie and Yang Hyun Suk were once again be a conversations among fans. Fans certainly still remember that previously Yang Hyun Suk and Jennie had been rumored to have a special relationship.

Now the rumor is getting more and more, after Jennie confessed that Yang Hyun Suk gave more attention to the costumes she used when promoting as a solo singer.

In an interview Jennie said, "Our boss (Yang Hyun Suk) gave me a lot of attention when I was preparing for my solo debut. I get a message from him every day. He chose my clothes and gave me lots of input."

Suddenly many fans were unhappy with the news, especially because Jennie was known to wear sexy clothes when she was doing the promotion "SOLO".

Netizens even talked about Yang Hyun Suk's confession in the past saying that he had started liking his wife while still in junior high school. Yang Hyun Suk then started dating his wife when he was 20 years old, and Yang Hyun Suk was 32 years old.

Previously YG Entertainment also stated that they would take firm action against anyone who spread false rumors about Yang Hyun Suk and Jennie. (
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