The Japan Television Station TBS, Apologizes After Broadcasting BTS' Jimin Fake News
Popular Japanese television station, TBS, expressed their apologies to BTS' Jimin and fans. A few days ago TBS broadcast a program that featured news about Jimin's apology.

The program said that Jimin apologized to fans in Japan about the controversy over the atomic bomb shirt he was using, "I have caused concern not only to fans in Japan but throughout the world. I'm really sorry to Japanese fans."

In fact, Jimin just said, "Because there are differences in situations, I think you and everyone in various countries are very shocked and worried."

After getting a lot of criticism from Bangtan Boys fans, the TBS finally expressed their apologies, "We have reported that Jimin said, 'I'm sorry to everyone in Japan', on November 14 at the Tokyo Dome concert. But actually he just said, 'My heart really hurts'. We have corrected it and apologized, " said the television station concerned. (
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