MAMAMOO's Hwasa Almost Exposing Breasts on the Stage?
MAMAMOO's Hwasa recounted the incident when she almost accidentally exposed her breasts on the stage. The story was conveyed by MAMAMOO's member when she was present on the latest episode of 'Happy Together' on November 29 yesterday.

At that time she told, "I almost got the title 'National Breast", she said, making the MCs and guest stars a little confused.

Hwasa then explained, "I like to use a top halter top. It's a shirt that makes my shoulders look beautiful so I like to use them when performing, but suddenly the ties are loose."

"I kept singing while holding the top of my shirt. At first I was not aware because the material was stiff so did not immediately sag. At that time I was singing while holding my shirt."

"Wheein then realized it and then tied it when we were lined up. There will be a big problem if my top is exposed," she said, shocking everyone. (

 MAMAMOO's Hwasa Almost Exposing Breasts on the Stage?
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