Yu Hyewon's Agency Responds to the Actress's Dating News with Big Bang's Seungri Recently Korean media outlets were shocked by Taiwan's media reports that said Seungri was dating with actress Yu Hyewon.

The suspicion of having a special relationship is not only limited to reports without evidence, the article of Seungri and a woman who came out of the YG Entertainnment building which was allegedly an actress of Yu Hyewon circulated widely and became a hot conversation on Weibo site.

In addition, media outlets also found evidence through photos on Instagram social media that further strengthened their relationship.

Regarding this, SBD Entertainment, which is an agency sheltered by actress Yu Hyewon, responded by saying that they were checking the truth of dating her actress with Big Bang's Seungri.

Look forward to the response of the next SBD and YG Entertainment agencies! (www.onkpop.com)
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