Verbal Jint got criticized after using the name 'GFRIEND' as the title of his song
Rapper Verbal Jint received criticism from GFRIEND's fans. This criticism was sent to this senior rapper after he used the name GFRIEND as the title of his new song.

Fans feel unhappy about Verbal Jint using the name GFRIEND, because the song talks about sexual relations. After getting a lot of criticism, Verbal Jint personally immediately apologized through his Instagram account on Monday (10/22).

Verbal Jint claimed to be inspired by rapper Young Thug who used the name celebrity as the title song. However, he admitted that he did not expect that it actually made GFRIEND and his fans feel uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry for not responding to this problem as soon as possible, and I will change the title of the song as soon as possible. Again, I'm sorry," wrote the rapper. (
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