Use SHINee's Jonghyhun Instagram Photo on MV, Rookie Band The Rose Reap Controversy
Using Jonghyhun's SHINee Instagram Photos in the MV, rookie band The Rose, which has recently been on the rise recently became the spotlight due to their latest music video.

On October 4th, The Rose just made a comeback with a new mini album titled 'Dawn'. At the same time, the band also released MV for the title track ‘She’s in the Rain’.

Although many netizens find music videos that are presented so beautifully like song lyrics, some of them are aware of the use of photos from Instagram accounts belonging to SHINee's Jonghyun.

The photos were reportedly used without the permission of SM Entertainment and many netizens claimed that this could make Jonghyun's fans and family angry.

"Shouldn't they get full permission before discussing sensitive issues like this? Well, congratulations on marketing your successful voice. Imagine how angry Jonghyun's fans are and his family now, " netizen commented.

"Please don't hurt your family and fans anymore," 

"A group of striking reasons for what is basically used without permission" is not shameless,"

" Please don't mess with the deceased," and many more.(

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