This Organizations in Korea Support and Protect Goo Hara for Ex-Boyfriend Extortion Cases
One organization in Korea that handles forms of sexual violence in cyberspace expresses their support for Goo Hara. 

As we know, Goo Hara, who some time ago quarreled with her ex-boyfriend, later reaped public sympathy after her ex-boyfriend claimed to have extorted money by threatening to spread their sex videos.

Regarding this case, Korea Cyber ​​Sexual Violence Response Center (KCSVRC) voiced their support for Goo Hara by saying,

"As reported, Goo [Hara] are victims of extortion with the threat of spreading sex videos. The threat of spreading the tape is an indication that he wants to control it with threats, so it's not just a threat but also sexual violence. "

KCSVRC again continued,  "Goo doesn't need to apologize. There is no need to apologize when she does not make a mistake. She is a victim of sexual violence. We ask everyone who sees this to support Goo. " (
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