Receiving Much Hate, Lee Jong Suk Newest Agency's A-Man Project Ready to Take Action
Lee Jong Suk later received many hate comments from netizens. His newest agency at the moment, the A-Man Project has just announced a strong warning for netizens who made nasty comments against their actors.

Through an official Instagram account, A-Man Project writes,

"Hello, this is the A-Man Project. First, thank you for your interest and love for our actors. A-Man Project goes well through all the encouragement we have given. But, there are a lot of nasty comments, rights violations, and evidence without evidence about one of our actors. We have secured a number of reasons for legal sanctions and will continue to respond to these errors in the future. Please send us information, questions, or related suggestions, to Thank you."

Lee Jong Suk had indeed received scathing comments from some netizens regarding his habit of not staying long at an agency, where he had previously taken shelter at YG Entertainmnent's agency but decided the contract and resumed it to YNK Entertainment.

Recently, the actor again broke the contract with YNK's agency which only counted for 5 months and moved again to his new agency, A-Man Project. (

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