Lipsync During Showcase, IZ*ONE Reaped Netizens' Criticism
Rookie girl group IZ*ONE received criticism from netizens after appearing lipsync throughout their debut showcase. On Monday (29/10) the girl group from 'Produce 48' program made their debut in the South Korean music industry.

On the same day IZ*ONE also held a debut showcase and performed songs from the mini album "COLOR*IZ" for the first time on stage. But the appearance reaped pros and cons, because IZ*ONE members appeared lipsync throughout their performances at the showcase.

Some comments on the pros and cons of Korean netizens on the Nate website,

"Lipsync showcase, hahaha. It's really piercing, "

"But Wanna One lipsync too,"

"What is the point of assessing their singing abilities if they end up looking lipsync? They are indeed talented but singers still have to sing with a microphone, "

"Absolutely hopeless,"

"Not only lipsync, but some members can't even sing, so their songs are really very difficult to hear,"

"Geez, even ballad songs are also lipsync,"
and various other negative comments.

You can watch the appearance of IZ*ONE at their debut showcase through the following videos! (

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