Korean Netizens Response to BTS Beat SM and JYP Artist Album Sales in 2018
Bangtan Boys again produced a stunning record with their physical album sales. GAON recently released data on physical album sales from every K-Pop agency in South Korea. BigHit Entertainment managed to top the ranking list, with physical album sales figures reaching 4.6 million pieces by Bangtan Boys.

BigHit Entertainment managed to defeat other agencies, including SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, each of which ranked second and third with sales of 2.5 and 1.8 million. This is quite incredible, considering that BigHit Entertainment only gets album sales figures from Bangtan Boys.

While Swing Entertainment that houses Wanna One is ranked fourth with 1.5 million album sales and Pledis Entertainment ranked fifth with total album sales reaching 940 thousand copies.

Looking at the data, Korean netizens immediately expressed their admiration by commenting on the Pann site.

"BigHit and Swing are only represented by BTS and Wanna One, they set their own records by going into the top five,"

"Wanna One also managed to sell as many as 1.5 million pieces by themselves, both of which are the two most popular groups if they see the album sales data,"

"Geez, even if the total sales of SM and JYP albums are still not able to beat BTS. They also use private jets when holding a concert tour, it's really amazing, "

"That's because EXO still hasn't returned,"

"I was very surprised to add SM and JYP, which had 24 artists, still unable to defeat BTS,"
and various other comments. (www.onkpop.com)

Korean Netizens Response to BTS Beat SM and JYP Artist Album Sales in 2018
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