Caught Want To Send DM Message To Yeonwoo, Leeteuk Was Criticized By Korean Netizens
Super Junior's Leeteuk reaped a lot of netizens after he was found wanting to send a DM message to Juniornye, Yeonwoo MOMOLAND. As was reported yesterday, Leeteuk was caught sending a message to the Instagram account of a Yeonwoo fan.

Through the Instagram DM message, Leeteuk wrote, "Yeonwoo-ya". But he did not know that the account belonged to his fans.

After being caught by netizens and fans, Leeteuk finally gave clarification on Instagram by saying that he just wanted to congratulate his juniors because they would be MCs at the '2018 Asia Song Festival'.

Responding to this incident, Leeteuk immediately reaped a lot of scorn from Korean netizens who felt that Leeteuk had another purpose when sending the message. Like netizen comments on the Nate site,

"Wow, seriously? Please think about the difference in your age, why do you want to send a DM message to him? You can congratulate him when you meet later, "

"Why are there also people who want to congratulate through DM. Can you be mature? I can immediately know what the purpose is to send the DM when he writes "Yeonwoo-ya", "

"Trying to tease her in DM but fail, hahaha. I can understand, Yeonwoo is really pretty, "

"Ahjussi, please act according to your age,"

"The reason is really very ridiculous, hahaha,"

"Ahjussi, you embarrass yourself,"

‘I'm sure these guys have often done things like this,"

and many other negative comments. (
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