Dress Up and Call Herself 'Indian', TWICE's Jihyo Claimed Racist
TWICE's leader, Jihyo later reaped conversation among netizens after their concert video pieces circulated. On October 28 last night, TWICE held a special Halloween concert for their fans in South Korea.

In this concert, the member perform cosplay by dressing up and wearing various costumes ranging from No-face, Annabelle, Joker, Cruella De Ville, Mummy, and others.

When they appeared wearing costumes like Indian clothes or Native Americans, to introduce themselves as 'Indians', Jihyo indirectly made some American netizens angry that it was claimed that TWICE's leader was shouting war.

Many people showed Jihyo's defense by saying that the costume worn by Jihyo that night was Queen Mononoke's costume, but the defense was again broken by a Twitter user's statement showing the difference in Queen Mononoke costumes and Indian costumes.

What do you think of the racist issues that ensnare Jihyo? (www.onkpop.com)
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