Collaboration with Seulgi Red Velvet In His New Song, Zion.T Evidently a ReVeluv?
Zion.T revealed the shocking facts behind his collaboration with Red Vlevet's Seulgi. As fans know, the singer from The Black Label has just released a new mini album entitled "ZZZ".

On the mini album there is the main song "Hello Tutorial" which he sang with one of the Red Velvet personnel, Seulgi.

Regarding his collaboration with the idol from SM Entertainment, Zion. T said, "Seulgi has a very good voice. I'm sure the sound will be very compatible with this song. And I did what should be done by a ReVeluv," he said, claiming to be part of Red Velvet's official fan club.

He also added, "Seulgi's voice and vocal colors are able to describe many things," he said again.

While this time the song "Hello Tutorial" is topping all music charts even though it has to receive attacks from other popular K-Pop songs, including the song IU and "Show Me The Money 777". (
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