BTS' Fans in Paris are Consistently Queue up & Build Tents to Watch The Concerts Even The Weather is Cold
BTS' Fans in Paris, France keep stand in line outside the venue in cold weather to watch the idol's concert. BTS which is busy with a world tour "Love Yourself" stops at Accor Hotel Arena, Bercy, Paris.

Yahoo! managed to capture the moment of enthusiasm ARMY (as BTS fans) who were willing to queue in cold weather to set up tents outside the venue for the concert on Thursday night (18/10), even though the new concert began to be held the next day at 8pm local time.

The same previous scene also happened exactly one day before the BTS concert at Citi Field, New York on October 5th.

BTS has just released their album titled "Love Yourself: Answer" with the main song "IDOL" which managed to bring them to the top of the "Billboard 200" chart. (
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