B1A4 Baro's Sister Also Left WM Entertainment
 B1A4 Baro's younger sister, Cha Yoon Ji, is rumored left WM Entertainment agency. Cha Yoon Ji or who previously used the name stage I debuted as solo singer under the auspices of WM Entertainment.

Cha Yoon Ji debuted in January 2017 with the first mini album entitled "I Dream". After making her solo debut, she later participated in the survival idol program entitled "The Unit".

On Friday, October 05th WM Entertainment agency announced, "After a long discussion about her future in music, we reached an agreement to terminate the contract with her. We ask you to keep loving and paying attention to I, as we will also support it in the days to come. "

Besides that Cha Yoon Ji also said this on Instagram,  

"Freeing yourself from the fence, this is a new beginning for Cha Yoon Ji, not I. I have made a big decision, and even though I still have many flaws and often make mistakes, I will have the courage and take step by step so that once again can be closer to fans. "

Previously, Baro had already left WM Entertainment right after the contract period with the agency ending. (www.onkpop.com)
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