AOMG Responds to Hyuna's Rumor of Entering Their Agency
The AOMG finally responded to rumors that Hyuna would enter their agency. Previously Hyuna was suspected of going to the AOMG agency, after the stylist uploaded a paper photo with the AOMG logo.

The rumor was further strengthened after Hyuna's manager deleted Cube Entertainment from bio Instagram. Enthusiasts are also increasingly convinced that Hyuna chose to enter Jay Park's agency, because both of them had become trainees at JYP Entertainment.

Responding to these rumors, AOMG immediately gave their clarification, "It's true that we have contacted Hyuna's stylist. But that's because we want to employ as Elo's stylist. "

"Hyuna's Stylist was chosen to be Elo's stylist, because she would appear in the new program. It seems like a misunderstanding because this news coincides with the news of Hyuna and E’Dawn's release from the agency. There is absolutely no discussion about exclusive contracts with Hyuna. "

Meanwhile, until now Cube Entertainment still does not provide clarity whether they really have kicked Hyuna and E'Dawn from the agency or not. (

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