Beat 'Fake Love' BTS, Bolbbalgan4 Achieved Certified All-Kill on Music Chart
Duo Bolbbalgan4 re-carve their achievements on the South Korean music charts. Bolbbalgan4 recently got the certified all-kill title on the music chart with their latest song 'Travel'.

'Travel' is one of the songs included in the mini album 'Red Diary Page.2'. The song was made by one member of Bolbbalgan4, Ahn Ji Young, with Vanilla Man from Vanilla Acoustic.

As of May 26 at 2:30 pm local time, 'Travel' has ranked first on all music charts, including the realtime total on the iChart site, indicating that Bolbbalgan4 has earned the certified all-kill title.

Bolbbalgan4 even managed to shift the song 'Fake Love' Bangtan Boys, who previously feel at home in the first position. (

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