How much the salary earned by employees of three agency artists in South Korea in 2017 ?
Approximately how much salaries earned by employees in three major agencies in 2017 ?. The recent Data Analysis Retrieval and Transfer System discloses the average amount of salary earned by employees from three major agencies, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.

SM Entertainment became the agency with the highest average salary of 40.6 million Won for male employees and 33.6 million Won for female employees in a year.

While executive employees working at SM Entertainment earn an average salary of 246 million Won.

JYP Entertainment became an agency that has a small margin between the salaries of male and female employees. As male employees earn 39.5 million Won while female employees earn 36.5 million Won.

Executives at JYP Entertainment agency earn an annual salary of 220.5 million Won.

Last male employee at YG Entertainment agency earned 39 million Won and 30 million Won salary for female employees. YG Entertainment is the agency with the largest number of employees than the two agencies mentioned above.

While executive employees who take shelter at YG Entertainment get 168 million Won in 2017 (
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