Various Korean Netizen Reactions After Lee Dong Wook and Suzy Confirmed in Dating
Korean netizens reacted furiously after hearing news of the relationship between Lee Dong Wook and Suzy. The dating story between Lee Dong Wook, the angel of death in the drama 'Goblin', with a former member of Miss A, Suzy, is horrendous everyone.

Especially South Korean people, who are also very surprised when they heard news of the relationship between two popular celebrities. Especially considering the relationship both confirmed not long after Suzy broke up from actor Lee Min Ho, in November 2017 ago.

Responding to their dating news, Korean netizens on Nate's website commented,

"Suzy would have saved the country in a previous life, not believing she could date Lee Dong Wook this time. Or maybe Lee Dong Wook who has saved the country? Really liked both! "

"Wow daebak, I never imagined they could date,"

"'I like other men', she is fast moving on. Apparently the lyrics of the song was about him, hahaha, "

"I still remember when Lee Dong Wook rejected Heo Youngji, and said that he would consider if Youngji was 25 years old. But he did not hesitate when it was Suzy, hahaha, "

"I think if you have a handsome face, age is not a problem. Look at the difference in everyone's reaction compared to when Youngji and Ha Hyun Woo confirmed dating, "

"Wow, cool Lee Dong Wook would like to confirm his relationship to the public like this. They are perfect, hopefully lasting! "

"I still remember he once rejected Youngji in 'Happy Together' because of her age, when she was the same age as Suzy. I guess the problem is not at age," another comment. (

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