Taeyeon and Seolhyun Show Their Closeness in Social Media
Taeyeon and Seolhyun again show their intimacy in front of fans. On Friday (24/11) SNSD personnel greet their fans by holding live streaming on Instagram.

Seolhyun AOA who watched the live streaming then commented, "Why are you so pretty?"

Seeing her comment Taeyeon was instantly shocked and said, "Wow Seolhyun! I actually just watched your movie 'Memoir of a Murderer'. I watched the movie yesterday before going to bed and watching it again today. You are great at portraying a character in danger," she praised Seolhyun's acting skills.

Seolhyun then re-comments, "You must have overslept while watching it?" Taeyeon answered, "I can not lie, Seolhyun, I do have a habit of sleeping at midnight. But I've watched it until today. I watched it to the end! "

Previously Seolhyun never expressed her admiration for Taeyeon. The two then interacted in Instagram and said that the two wanted to meet each other. (www.onkpop.com)
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