Involving Scandal Again, Netizens Ask Kangin To Leave Super Junior
Fans demanded that Kangin should leave Super Junior. The claim is not unreasonable, as Kangin has been repeatedly involved in scandals and controversies.

Having previously been involved in several drunk driving instances, this time Kangin was involved in a beating case against a woman.

Although Kangin was released because the victim did not want to sue him, fans still assume that Kangin is already defaming Super Junior.

As seen on DC Inside Super Junior's page, fans in Korea commented,

"Stop defaming Super Junior,"

"I do not acknowledge and will not support Kangin as a Super Junior member,"

"The answer is he has to quit the group,"

"If Kangin does not resign, let's make a petition for him to be expelled soon," and many other similar comments.

The ELF also cast a protest on Twitter's social media, by creating a #KanginOut hashtag that had become a trending topic.

Do you agree if Kangin is removed from the group? (

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