Fans Disagree with 'MAMA 2017' Winners in Japan?
 K-Pop fans are protests against the results of 'MAMA 2017' in Japan. On Wednesday (29/11) yesterday 'MAMA 2017' has been successfully held in Japan by announcing a series of winning names.

But when they got the names of the winners, many of the K-Pop fans were disappointed and protested to 'MAMA 2017'.

That's because a lot of different winners far compared with the final result of online voting. 

For example, PRISTIN beat Kim Chungha in the category of 'Best New Female Artist'. Whereas in the online voting, Kim Chungha has a number of votes far higher than PRISTIN.
For the category of 'Best Dance Performance Male Group' won by SEVENTEEN. In fact, SEVENTEEN's vote is far behind compared to EXO and Bangtan Boys.

The last is the 'Song of the Year' category won by TWICE. The fans protested, because in the voting song 'Ko Ko Bop' EXO and 'DNA' Bangtan Boys managed to occupy the first and second, while the 'Signal' was in the last sequence.

This is what makes many fans feel unhappy and refuses to accept the winning results 'MAMA 2017' in Japan. (
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