Leave EXO and Career in China, This is a Fantastic Income Luhan and Kris
How much income is earned by ex-EXO personnel during the Chinese career. Since leaving EXO a few years ago, until now Luhan and Kris are actively promoting in China.

Not only as a singer, both are also active in promoting as a star of variety show programs to acting in dramas and movies. According to Korean media reports, Luhan earned 36 billion won (425 billion Rupiah) in just one year.

While Kris generated 25.9 billion Won (306 billion Rupiah) in the same period.

Responding to the huge earnings earned by both, quoted from the website 'Nate' Korean netizens commented,
"Who cares if they are hated in Korea. I would also choose to be hated and run away if I could get this much money, haha, "

"It's no wonder that all Chinese people are running away. I wonder if other Chinese people are also idols in Korea to follow Luhan and Kris's lead. I'm worried because there must be an agent targeting them. Imagine if it could produce 20-30 billion a year, everyone would want to, "

"No wonder if they run away,"

"Lay also seems to be doing square off, because lately he was only doing solo activities without EXO, hahaha,"

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