After Vacuum For A Long Time, JinE Confirmed Leave Oh My Girl and Agency
Again there are idols who are confirmed to have left the group and agency. She is JinE who has started vacuum from Oh My Girl activity since last year, because of anorexia disease.

Now on October 30th, WM Entertainment's agency announced that JinE is no longer part of Oh My Girl. So from now on Oh My Girl will continue to promote with seven members.

In the announcement WM Entertainment stated, "JinE has postponed her activities for more than a year because of her health problems. During that time, other members and agencies chose to put their health on hold and wait for him to recover soon. "

"But after a long discussion we decided to respect JinE's decision, which not only had health problems but also wanted to pursue a new way of life. We want to let you know that JinE's exclusive contract with the agency has been canceled."

"We ask you to keep supporting JinE, who is stepping forward to achieve her dreams, and also Oh My Girl is now active with seven members, " the agency wrote.

Hopefully this will be the best decision for JinE and Oh My Girl. (

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