Open Pants in Front of Camera this PENTAGON boyband Member got Criticized
One member of boy group PENTAGON criticized after being caught opening his trousers in front of the camera. In a recently uploaded netizen screenshot, Shinwon who is a member of PookAGON's rookie boy group, opened his pants in front of the camera for wanting to show bruises on his legs. 

It was a controversy among netizens, because Shinwon should not have to open his pants if he wanted to show bruises on his legs, and just raise his trousers up. The fans then found that the screenshot was taken from the video 'PENTAGON Maker', a program that aired before PENTAGON debuted last year.

Responding to the controversy involving their artist, Cube Entertainment says, "It's just a joke planned by members with staff rather than being accidentally done. We do not understand why photos from this old video can be a conversation, "explained the agency.

You can see the event through the following video at minute 5:58
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